RA Ministry of Diaspora…!

For all Armenians in different parts of the world, this is a wonderful organization that has become a familiar for all Armenians in the past five years. It has a great role and significance for the consolidation of all Armenians around the world and is a weighty government agency that has already gained the love and confidence of all Armenians.

In a couple of days, the RA Ministry of Diaspora will be celebrating its fifth anniversary…It seems as though it’s still a “child”, but it is known that there are children who are geniuses…The Ministry of Diaspora is one of those “genius children”…It has only been around for five years, but it’s safe to say that it probably wouldn’t be possible to do in 50 years all that the Ministry of Diaspora has done in just five years under the leadership of its talented, active, smart and professional minister, Mrs. Hranush Hakobyan. All the good deeds that the ministry has done since the very first day of its creation with the support of RA President Serzh Sargsyan and RA Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan became the foundations for the strong and unwavering bridge that connects the homeland to the Diaspora…The ministry called Diaspora Armenians to the homeland, and for the past five consecutive years, youth longing for Armenia have been visiting the country, feeling Armenian and growing to love Armenia, which is their home and final landmark…

In addition to the youth, there are also writers, journalists, architects, painters, singers, teachers and doctors visiting Armenia, meeting during forums, presenting programs and implementing them in Armenia and abroad for the preservation of the Armenian identity…The Ministry of Diaspora supports, inspires and encourages them all…

The ministry not only carries out pan-Armenian programs, but also holds meetings and awards renowned Diaspora Armenians, who become more motivated…It also provides financial assistance to Armenian schools and cultural centers devoted to preservation of the Armenian identity abroad…How can I not be grateful to the ministry for its support to “Kamurj” Yearbook (I am the editor-in-chief) and “Georgia” newspaper (I work as a journalist and head of department for this newspaper) and the “Vernatun” Union of Writers (I am one of the board members)…?


The ministry also has the “Hayern Aysor” (Armenians Today) electronic newspaper, which touches upon the activities and achievements of all Armenians, as well as various key issues facing the nation…

The ministry also publishes valuable books, directories and valuable books devoted to the history of the Armenian Genocide…

It’s impossible not to see all this, rejoice, take pride and not say how powerful this ministry is today and how it takes care of all Armenians…It’s impossible not to see the light that shines like the light of a lighthouse…It is the light of the Ministry of Diaspora…Finally, it’s impossible to have a Ministry of Diaspora and not be able to preserve the Armenian identity. Moreover, if you have become detached from your roots, you will return to them and will become reborn as an Armenian…

Thank you, dear employees of the ministry!

Thank you, dear employees of the Division for the Caucasus Region, particularly the section involved in relations with Georgia!

Thank you, dear Minister for dedicating yourself to and serving Armenians!

Congratulations on your 5th anniversary!

The future is promising. The present is brilliant, and the relations between Diaspora and the Mother Homeland is always in progress…

With deep respect, faith and good wishes,


Editor-in-chief of “Kamurj” Yearbook and President of the homonymous NGO, poet, translator, publicist, journalist

Tbilisi, Georgia 

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