Church ceremonies were held in the Armenian-populated areas of Northern Iraq

The newly built church in the Armenian-populated Havrezk village of Iraq was exalted and blessed during a ceremony held on September 3, Deacon Aram Ketendjian reports to Hayern Aysor from Iraq.

On the morning of September 4, the leader of the Diocese, His Grace, Father, Archbishop Avag Asadourian consecrated the church, starting from the Holy Table, and went on to consecrate the 16 columns. The consecration ceremony ended when His Holiness named the newly consecrated church “St. Sargis”.

The Holy Table of the St. Vardan church in the Avzruk village (a purely Armenian village with an entirely Kurdish-speaking Armenian population) of the same region was also consecrated. The St. Vardan Church was recently renovated, and the Table had been expanded. Therefore, on September 2, the leader of the Diocese performed the ceremony of consecration of the Holy Table.

Leader of the Diocese of Iraq, His Grace, Father, Archbishop Avag Asadourian ordained priests at the St. Nerses Shnorhali Church in Dohuk.

On September 5, the Father serving the Divine Liturgy ordained Deacon Rostom Sargisian a priest and renamed him Father Tiran.

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