The enemy’s shots must be silenced: David Jamalyan

The Diaspora Armenian journalists participating in the 2015 “Diaspora” Summer School Program of the RA Ministry of Diaspora continue to have meetings that are helpful, important and interesting. This time the participants had a meeting with Advisor to the RA Minister of Defense, military expert, candidate of psychological sciences and Associate Professor David Jamalyan. The meeting was symbolic in that Mr. Jamalyan presented his new book entitled “Description of the Propaganda of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Conflict”. As the editor of the book, Dean of the Faculty of Journalism at Yerevan State University, candidate of philological sciences and Associate Professor Naghash Martirosyan mentioned, this book will spark the interest of the public at large since it presents not only the views on Azerbaijan’s propaganda, but also the vulnerability of those views, as well as the paths to resist the enemy’s aggression and achieve success.

“The purpose of the impact of propaganda on the people of Armenia is to help Armenians reach the point where they have the idea of conceding Artsakh to Azerbaijan through consistent psychological pressures, without war,” Mr. Jamalyan mentioned. The military expert also emphasized that parallel to all this, the official Baku destabilizes the situation on the state border from time to time, forming among us the illusion of “the likely restart of a war at any second”.

The participants were especially interested in what ideas serve as the basis for Azerbaijan’s anti-Armenian propaganda. “The first thing that comes across the Azerbaijanis’ minds is that Artsakh poses a threat to a future of peace for the people of Armenia and that the only way to prevent a new war is to concede Artsakh to Azerbaijan. The second morbid idea is the idea that Artsakh is hindering Armenia’s economic development and is the reason for the country’s social and economic issues. In these conditions we must be well aware of the fact that the defense of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is the guarantee for the protection of Armenia as a whole,” the Advisor to the Minister of Defense said.

According to him, Armenians can’t underestimate the danger that the enemy’s propaganda poses because the enemy can achieve its goal to a certain extent. “A person discontent with his living conditions always tends to seek people to blame for not ensuring his living conditions. The purpose of the propaganda of Turkey and Azerbaijan is to do everything possible to make the citizen blame Artsakh for the poor living conditions, staying away from the political events,” David Jamalyan emphasized.

In addition to all this, the expert didn’t forget to mention that in any case, instead of being demoralized, we Armenians hate the Turks and Azerbaijanis more and more, and as we know, the image of the external enemy contributes to the unity of a society. “We also have to be ready for mutually beneficial cooperation with the Turks of the Transcaucasia. We also have to be ready to tolerate their right to live and build a country, but not at the expense of our security, the territory of our historic homeland, the elimination of our civilization and the robbing of our culture, excluding territorial concessions,” the military expert mentioned.

One of his words of advice was the following: “Don’t give in to blackmail and prove to the enemy that we Armenians will defend our achievements. We are in a war of nerves, and the side that is morally and psychologically strong will win. We Armenians don’t have the right to be afraid. We need to impose a restraining force on the enemy talking in the language of blackmail, with the logic of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. We can’t leave the enemy’s aggression unanswered, and so, the shots that the enemy fires must be silenced.”

Amalya Karapetyan

4th year student of the Faculty of Journalism of Yerevan State University

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