Aleppo-Armenian couple makes and sells Syrian sweets in Armenia

“My husband and I started our small business in Armenia three years ago and have been trying to move forward ever since,” Aleppo-Armenian Yoland Rshtuni, who has a small factory producing Syrian sweets and pastry, said in an interview with during an exposition held on the sidelines of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Week in Yerevan yesterday.

“I never worked in Aleppo. I was a housewife, and my husband was the breadwinner. Due to the war, we moved to Armenia and stated a small business to earn a living. We live here on rent and make the sweets at home,” Mrs. Rshtuni said.

Her husband, Raffi Rshtuni mentioned that it’s very hard to start any business in Armenia. “We don’t have a house or a store here, but we had everything in Aleppo. We don’t know the laws here. We want people to help us so that we understand what we have to do. When we want to sell our products, they tell us we have to pay taxes.”

They mentioned that they sell their products at exhibitions, on social networks and receive orders via phone calls.

When asked if they would like to move back to Syria in the future, the spouse replied: “No, we don’t want to. When peace is established, we’ll go back, sell our store and settle in Armenia.”

On June 8, the Women’s Entrepreneurship Week in Yerevan kicked off in Yerevan under the patronage of the International Association of Women Entrepreneurs (, the full-fledged members of which are the Armenian Young Women’s Association and the network of women entrepreneurs of Armenia.

The weeklong event includes an international conference, an expo and several other cognitive programs.

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